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Ceylon Cinnamon - The better Alternative

Ceylon Cinnamon - The better Alternative
Ceylon Cinnamon - The better Alternative

Dumplings with Apricot Filling + Macadamia Cinnamon Sauce Yummy delicious!

Ceylon cinnamon is the better alternative

My best 10 recommendations of ceylon cinnamon 

1. Premium Quality Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Powder




3. 100% Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, True Cinnamon not Cassia, free Shipping


4. High Quality Pure ALBA GRADE Organic Ceylon CINNAMON Sticks – SriLanka


5. Forest Whole Foods Organic Cinnamon Powder (Ceylon True)


6. Organic Cinnamon Ground 500g (True Ceylon)


7. Ceylon Organic Cinnamon Powder Highest Premium Quality Cinnamon


8. Ceylon CINNAMON POWDER Pure ALBA GRADE # ( Cinnamomum Verum) قرفةمطحونه


9. Ceylon True Cinnamon Powder – Premium Grade Quality – Cheapest Per Gram on eBay


10. BIO-Ceylon Zimtpulver | Zimt gemahlen (250g)



Why is cinnamon so healthy?

The smell of cinnamon is reminiscent of Christmas. But cinnamon is more than just a Christmas spice. Cinnamon stimulates the glucose metabolism and thus regulates blood sugar.


Already in Chinese herbal books 2700 BC cinnamon was mentioned. The Romans also used cinnamon to add it to sour juices. Cinnamon promotes appetite and stimulates intestinal activity. Used as a spice, cinnamon can help prevent digestive problems and feelings of fullness.


The medicinal plant cinnamon has an antibacterial, antispasmodic and analgesic effect. You can use them as tea, envelopes or spice. Add a pinch to morning cereal, oatmeal, fruit or a cup of coffee. Cinnamon as well as helps to lower the blood sugar level, which is crucial in controlling the appetite.

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